You have the choice: cooling, sifting or heating-up of foundry sand:


  • Temperature-controlled cooling-down

  • Dedusting of foundry sand

  • Temperature-controlled heating-up

-     an innovation with regard to energy efficiency


  • Cooling with 2 water circuits (one for hot water, one for cool water). By means of an absorption cooler the water of the cold water circuit will be cooled down with the hot water circuit

  • Volume flow controlled fluidization air for each chamber together with a fan-optimizer for den fan. The throttling of air is therefore mainly achieved with the revolutions of the fan and not with the throttle valves

  • During cold periods (e.g. winter time) the cold water is generated with a free cooler.
    The hot water circuit (approx. 80°C) can be used for central heating.

-     An innovation with regard to repair and service facilities


  • Fluidized heads can be removed separately

  • Electronic display which head has to be cleaned

  • For maintenance purposes each chamber can be completely emptied even in automatic mode

  • Easy access due to big maintenance holes

  • Water boxes can be exchanged separately