Your partner in the foundry, steelmaking and environmental technology business Due to our many years’ experience and good cooperation with our customers worldwide we were able to develop constantly innovative and technically steadily improved solutions.


The mature technology of our machines and plants as well as the modular design enables us to adapt perfectly to the existing infrastructure, available space and demands of our customers. This also allows a retrofitting of existing plants at reasonable costs.


We supply our customers worldwide with high-quality turnkey plants as well as with single machines to supplement already existing lines. An improvement of production processes to the most modern state of technology can be achieved very comfortably.


Our goal is to achieve an efficient production process in foundries and to reduce or even avoid ecological damage. With a closed cycle of sand conditioning you will increase the productivity and efficiency of your plant. We take care for the best possible design of sand circle and the best possible reclamation of forming sand.


We deliver all machines necessary for a perfect sand handling. Our focus is on the reclamation of used sand as well as the preparation and transport of sand to return the sand in high quality to the production cycle.