Neuhof conveying plants are working according to principle of dense stream, in which the bulk material is transported fluidized through the ducts. Being fluidized, the bulk material has almost the same characteristics as liquids therefore it is possible to convey the material with a low risk of damage over long haulage ways.Our pneumatic dispensers are available with multi in- and outlets, therefore we have the possibility to adapt our product exactly and perfectly to our customers manufacturing processes and demands.Further more we have the possibility to equip our dispensers with a weighing machine to convey an exact amount of material.A special conveying injector has been developed to convey a mixture of sand and sand lumps pneumatically through a duct. The following sand regeneration can thus be arranged flexible and must not be mandatory placed directly beside a shake-out grid.




·        Possibility of using long haulage ways (up to 1000m)


·        Very little decompression shocks along the conveying ducts


·        Low noise level during conveying process


·        Deformation of grains barely visible


·        Even dust from a cupola and sand lumps are conveyable