One machine for heating, cooling, de-dusting and even dosing of various types of core sand!


Economic foundries cannot ignore working with Neuhof batch-heating-cooling sifters.

A simple principle which is patented by Neuhof allows the sand to be heated-up or cooled-down to achieve an optimal working temperature with respect to the ambient temperature.

Simultaneously a sifting process is taking place to remove undesired dust particles from the sand up to a share of < 0.3% of dust particles ≤ 0.09 mm. Thus the use of binders could be optimized and the amount of broken cores can be reduced to a minimum.

Neuhof sifters can be designed with several separate chambers so that different kinds of sand can be prepared using only one machine.

By means of a weighing unit the sand can be supplied directly to the core sand mixer.

Another possibility is to deliver the cleaned sand by means of Neuhof pneumatic conveyors to a storage hopper.